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Serving the Community

Serving the Community


Community Services

Chabad of East Boca
Serving The Jewish Community With:

  • Annual Purim Celebration
  • Bat Mitzvah Club
  • Chabad Woman's Group
  • Chanukah Concert
  • Congregation Chabad
  • Family Sukkot Celebration
  • Holiday Awareness Programs
  • Holiday Guides & Publications
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Jewish Education for Children & Adults
  • Judaic Library
  • Koshering Homes
  • Lag B'omer Cookout
  • Lecture Series
  • Mezuzah Campaign
  • Model Matzah Bakery
  • Olive Oil Press
  • Public Menorah Displays & Lightings
  • Shabbat and Holiday Celebrations
  • Shabbat Hospitality
  • Shavuot Ice Cream Party
  • Shofar Factory
  • Tefillin Campaign
  • Weekly E-Torah

“With every Jew in mind, regardless of affiliation or background”

Adult Education

To Learn is to Live!

Synagogue Services

Join us for regular services

Free Loan Society

Monthly Donation Program


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