Sukkot Services Schedule
Friday, September 29,  Erev Sukkot

Shacharit, 7:30 AM
Light candles at 6:51 PM
Mincha, 6:55 PM 

Shabbat, September 30, 1st day of Sukkot
Shacharit, 9:30 AM
Followed by a Kiddush Lunch in the Sukkah. 
Sponsorship available here.
Mincha, 6:55 PM
Light candles from pre existing flame after 7:42 PM

Sunday, October 1, 2nd day of Sukkot
Shacharit, 9:30 AM
Mincha, 6:50 PM
Holiday ends at 7:41 PM

 Monday, October 2 - Friday, October 6
Shacharit, 7:30 AM
Mincha 6:50 PM 


Wednesday, October 4

BBQ in the Sukkah - Family Sukkot Party 5:30 PM
360 Photo Booth! 
Sponsorship available and appreciated $180, $360, $540
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Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah Services Schedule 
Friday, October 6 Hoshana Rabbah

Shacharit, 7:30 AM
Light Candles at 6:44 PM
Mincha, 6:45 PM 

Shabbat, October 7 Shemini Atzeret
Shacharit, 9:30 AM 
Yizkor 11:15 AM 
Mincha, 6:45 PM 
Light candles from pre existing flame after 7:35 PM

 Dancing with the Torah at Chabad and Mizner Park
Buffet Dinner, Open L'chaim Libation Center

Sponsorship available
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Sunday, October 8 Simchat Torah
Shacharit, 9:30 AM
Kiddush, 10:30 AM
Hakafot, dancing with the Torah 11:00 AM
Mincha, 6:45 PM
Holiday ends at 7:34 PM